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Affordable Small Moves Edmonton

How it Works

Moovler is a new way to move; a modern take on an age-old industry. We connect our customers with skilled, friendly, trustworthy and motivated freelance drivers and helpers. 


Currently, we’re focused on small and mid-sized moves, such as moving apartments, townhouses and condos. We’re also a perfect solution for getting that new couch home that you just bought. 


Just tell us what you need moved, when and where, and we’ll scour our network to find the perfect people to help you move.

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Small & Mid-Sized Moves

Moovler is a great, affordable option for:

You just bought a couch off of Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace, and have no idea how you’re going to bring it home. We’re perfect for that.

You bought a dining room table from the HomeSense or Leon’s, and don’t want to wait several days to have it delivered. That’s right in our wheelhouse. 

You have to move some heavy office furniture up a flight of stairs, but your admin assistant doesn’t want to help for some reason. Give us a call.

Even “do it yourself-ers” have to admin, renting and returning a truck is a pain. Instead, let us connect you with an owner-operator that can help you for around same price as you’d pay to stand in line and deal with all that. Plus, you don’t have to worry about driving, parking and gassing up that apartment on wheels.

You’re moving from a two-bedroom townhouse into your forever home. We’ve got the perfect movers and pricing for that.

Whether moving into, or out of, your university dorm or residence, we have the perfect pricing and service level to help you move quickly and affordably.


Our services start as low as $50 (typically for large item deliveries wherein the two locations are close to one another), and can go up to around $700 (typically for mid-sized moves requiring a lot of labour), depending on what’s involved.


Our pricing is customizable based on the needs of your move. We take into account how many items you have and what kind of items they are, how far of a drive it is between the loading and unloading locations, how many movers you’ll need to get the job done safely and quickly, and how many staircases the mover(s) will have to use in each location. You can also help with the move to save on the cost.


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Types of Moving Jobs We Do

Moovler is ideal for large item delivery, small moves, and mid-sized moves. Here are some examples of moving jobs we've done in Edmonton and Vancouver recently.


We helped a customer return a sofa to HomeSense, and deliver the new one she exchanged it for. She told the staff we were coming, at what time, and with what item, which made things go very smoothly.




We’ve provided labourers to move a big, heavy and awkward credenza down into a main floor office, from the second floor. When you work in an office, moving big, bulky items isn’t usually part of your job description. We got called in, and had the job done in 10 minutes.


One of our customers bought a new entertainment unit from The Brick, and didn’t have a way to get it home. Not wanting to go to the warehouse to pick the item up (and without a proper vehicle to do so), he gave us a call. $67 later, his entertainment unit was home, in the same day.



Moving a heavy treadmill is never fun, with the exception of the feeling you get when you successfully finish the job. We’ve been called in a few times to help customers that couldn’t find friends or family members that were willing to help.

Looking to Make Extra Money?


If you’re strong, friendly, and can handle other people’s possessions with care and safety in mind, then you might be a great fit. Consider becoming a Moovler helper, driver-mover, or owner-operator in your spare time. Click here to learn more about what it takes to work with Moovler.