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WE’RE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR FREELANCE pickup truck and van drivers

Do you have a pickup truck? A van that can fit a mattress inside? If you do, and are looking to make extra money in your spare time, or during your days off, then working with Moovler might be the perfect gig!

Job Description

As a driver/mover with Moovler, your job would consist of bringing your vehicle and some basic moving equipment to jobs, determining how to most safely and effectively load the items into your vehicle, working with a Moovler-provided helper or the customer to load the items, properly securing the items for transport, transporting them to the next location, and then unloading them.

You may also have to take legs off of a couch and put them back on, remove the occasional door from its hinges, and use blankets to protect items through tight doorways and hallways.

The Ideal Driver/Mover


  •  Is polite, professional and courteous with helpers and customers
  • Has a truck or van that can fit at least a mattress and box spring
  • Is prompt and professional
  • Has basic moving items in their vehicle
  • Is looking for casual, part-time work

Application Process

The strength of our service (which has been described as Edmonton and Vancouver’s “Uber for Moving”) is in the quality of our freelancers. For driver/movers, we have a 4-part on-boarding process, as follows:

Part 1: Application

The first part of our on-boarding process involves filling out a quick and straightforward application form. This is just to get to know you a little bit.Part 2: brief telephone interview

If the application looks good, we’ll schedule a short telephone interview with you (hint, for this, we’re mainly looking for telephone manner and the ability to adhere to the set time). Basically, we want to get a sense of your manners and reliability.part 3: quick quiz

If your telephone interview goes well, and you’ve proven yourself to be polite, prompt and courteous, we’ll send you a short quiz to test your basic moving competence. We’ll also include some short videos you can watch, if case you need to freshen up your knowledge, or want to be better prepared for you first job!part 4: Submit documents

Last stage! As a driver/mover, we’ll need you to submit proof of vehicle registration, proof of valid vehicle insurance, a copy of your driver’s license, and a driver’s abstract. We’ll also request that you undergo a background check using a link we’ll send to you (at no cost to you).

Equipment You’ll Need

Our driver-movers are problem solvers. They always have at least some basic equipment on hand that make jobs go more quickly and smoothly. Our driver/movers are required to have the following items on-hand:

• Tie-downs/straps 

• Moving elastics (1) 

 Moving blankets (2)

• Screwdriver & hex/”Allen” keys 

Don’t have moving blankets and elastics? Don’t worry, we will bring them to your first job, and we will deduct the cost from your first job’s commission.


• Work flies by…not too hard, and not boring

• Great pay. Driver/movers earn an average of $35-$45 per hour

• Flexible, casual work. Set your own schedule to work around your current commitments

• The satisfaction of a job well done!

How it Works

Moovler is an on-demand moving platform, that matches you, the freelance “man with a van” (or truck!) to the closest available jobs that suit your schedule. When we get a job request that seems appropriate for you, we’ll reach out with the details to see if you’re interested in picking it up. 

What to Expect in Terms of Frequency 

We’re small, but growing. With Moovler, you could pick up a few jobs per week, or once every two months, depending on how many jobs come in, and on your availability. 

Those who apply to join our platform should be aware that working with Moovler is meant to serve as an income supplement, not as replacement for your current full-time income.

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