Our Edmonton Operations

Moving Company in Edmonton

Edmonton is the city we call home. Our headquarters are located here, and we’ve been operating here since February of 2019. We’re new on the scene, but we’re proud to help our fellow Edmontonians with their small moves and furniture deliveries. We love getting out there and meeting new people, and doing some heavy lifting.

Our Moving & Delivery Services

Moovler is great for:

You just bought a couch off of Kijiji, and have no idea how you’re actually going to bring it home. We’re perfect for that.

You bought a dining room table from the Brick and don’t want to wait 3 days to pick it up from their warehouse. Right in our wheelhouse. 

You’ve rented a moving truck, but have nobody to help you load and unload your belongings. We’re great for this.

You’re moving from a one bedroom apartment into your first home. We’ve got the perfect movers and pricing for that.


Our services start as low as $50 (typically for large item deliveries wherein the two locations are close to one another), and can go up to around $700 (typically for mid-sized moves requiring a lot of labour), depending on what’s involved.

Our pricing is customizable based on the needs of your move. We take into account how many items you have and what kind of items they are, how far of a drive it is between the loading and unloading locations, how many movers you’ll need to get the job done safely and quickly, and how many staircases the mover(s) will have to use in each location. 

Ready to Book a Move?

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Friend with a Truck Edmonton

Types of Movers

Our “drivers” (who also do the moving) use their own vehicles to help you move. They are people from around Edmonton and surrounding areas with pickup trucks, cargo vans, 20 foot moving trucks, Large SUVs with trailers, and virtually everything in between. 

We also have “helpers”, who are skilled, strong movers who love to meet new people. They might double as drivers if they have a moving-friendly vehicle, or they might be people with a small car that can show up to your location to lend some muscle to the move.

Jobs We've Done

Here are some examples of moving and large item delivery jobs we've done recently in Edmonton


We helped a customer move her belongings from her one bedroom apartment into a storage unit roughly 5 kilometres away. We sent her a driver with a truck and 14 foot trailer, and a helper.


We’ve provided labourers for a 4 bedroom house move that needed some extra muscle. The owners had rented a sea-can for storing their belongings on an acreage and needed to have all of their belongings moved into it within one day. They already had a few friends helping, and wanted us to provide two helpers to help get the job done faster.


A customer had ordered a personalized bench from a woodworker in the west end and needed it delivered to Summerside. They opted to use us to get the item home for less money, and more quickly than the woodworker could deliver it. It worked out well for them, as they were able to have it safely delivered by us that same night, and for less than the woodworker was asking.


One of our larger moves in Edmonton to date involved helping a customer move from a basement suite in the Northside to a basement suite in Milldwoods. He had rented a large U-Haul and needed 3 helpers to help load and unload his belongings (including some assembly and disassembly), and needed one of them to drive it.


A young couple was moving from a 2 bedroom apartment in Sherwood Park to a new home in South Edmonton. We sent two drivers, each with a truck and trailer. All of their items were moved in one trip for much less than traditional movers had been quoting them.


One of our first jobs in Edmonton involved helping a young couple get their items returned from a furniture restoration shop. We helped them carefully get a rocking chair, mirror and lounger home after they had repair work performed on the items.

Looking to Make Extra Money?


If you’re strong, friendly, and can handle other people’s possessions with care and safety in mind, then you might be a great fit. Consider becoming a Moovler driver or helper in your spare time. Click here to learn more about what it takes to work with Moovler.