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our small moving and delivery services

Moovler is designed with small moves in mind. We don’t operate the same way big moving companies do, and we’re able to pass those savings on to you. Whether you’re moving from one apartment to another, putting your things into storage, or bringing something home from IKEA, Home Depot, or Facebook Marketplace, our pricing and service level is perfect for the job.

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Our Small Moving Services

Here’s a quick overview of the types of small moves and large item deliveries that Moovler is perfect for:

• Alternative to Renting a Moving Truck/Van

• Apartment Moves

• Condo Moves

• Basement Suite Moves

• Canadian Tire Delivery

• Costco Delivery

• Donating Furniture

• Dorm Moves

• Equipment Delivery

• Furniture Delivery

• Home Depot Delivery

• Home Depot Truck/Van Rental Alternative

• Home Hardware Delivery

• Ikea Delivery

• Jysk Delivery

• Labour Only Moves

• Last Minute/Short Notice Moves

• Lowes Truck/Van Rental Alternative

• “Man With A Van” Moves

• Rented Room Moves

• Rona Delivery

• Salvation Army Furniture Pickup & Delivery

• Self-Pack Moves

• Same Day Delivery

• Storage Moves

• The Brick Delivery

• Townhouse Moves

• Truck & Driver Rental

• U-Haul Alternative/Rental

• Value Village Furniture Pickup And Delivery


Our services start as low as $50 (typically for large item deliveries with locations that are close to one another), and can go up to around $700 (typically for mid-sized moves requiring a lot of labour), depending on what’s involved.

Our pricing is customizable based on the needs of your move. When preparing your quote, we take into account in your inventory, distance between and within locations, whether or not you can help with the labour, and various other factors. 

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Making Small Moves Fun

Among other attributes, our movers are vetted for their level of enthusiasm. We only on-board movers who want to be there helping you move, not those who feel they have to be there. The result, is a lot of positivity and a great attitude towards the job.

Moving is one of the most stressful things we have to deal with in our lives. Having a good, skilled crew with great attitudes makes it more fun for everyone. 

For us, on-boarding movers with great attitudes is a no brainer. Sure, it takes longer for our network to grow, but it’s growing with the right kind of people. 

Jobs We’ve Done

Here are some examples of moving and large item delivery jobs we’ve done recently in Edmonton


A customer recently had roughly a pick-up truck full of belongings left over from his main move, that the movers left behind. He called us on Sunday evening, and we were able to send a friendly driver to deliver the items across the city, within 2 hours of his call. Even though it was Grey Cup Sunday, we had plenty of people in our network who were eager to assist with the move.


We’ve provided labourers for a 4 bedroom house move that needed some extra muscle. The owners had rented a sea-can for storing their belongings on an acreage and needed to have all of their belongings moved into it within one day. They already had a few friends helping, and wanted us to provide two helpers to help get the job done faster.


A young couple was moving from a 2 bedroom apartment in Sherwood Park to a new home in South Edmonton. We sent two drivers, each with a truck and trailer. All of their items were moved in one trip for much less than traditional movers had been quoting them.


A customer called us on Friday, and needed to be moved into her new place by the end of the weekend. Unable to book movers last minute, she asked us to move her belongings from her storage unit to her new 1 bedroom apartment in an assisted-living facility. 

Looking to Make Extra Money?


If you’re strong, friendly, and can handle other people’s possessions with care and safety in mind, then you might be a great fit. Consider becoming a Moovler driver or helper in your spare time. Click here to learn more about what it takes to work with Moovler.