Small Moves & Furniture Delivery Vancouver

Vancouver is the first city that we launched in, back in late 2018. We’ve been proudly helping people here with their small move and furniture delivery needs since then, and getting rave reviews while doing it. 

Our Moving & Delivery Services

Moovler is great for:

Craigslist deliveries

You just bought a sofa off Craigslist in Vancouver, and have no idea how you’re going to get it home to Richmond. That’s a perfect job for us.Furniture store Deliveries

You just bought a queen bed from a local furniture store in Surrey, and don’t want to wait 3 days to have it delivered. And you certainly don’t want to pay their high fee. That job is right in our wheelhouse. Labour help for any size move

You’ve rented a moving truck, but have nobody to help you load and unload your belongings. Give us a call.apartment and small house moves

You’re moving from an apartment into your first home as a new family…or into a different apartment. We’ve got the perfect movers, vehicles and pricing for that.


Our delivery and moving services in and around Vancouver can be as low as $59 (typically for large item deliveries with two locations that are close to one another), and can go up to around $1,000 depending on what’s involved.

Pricing is customizable based on the needs of your move. We take into account how many items you have and what kind of items they are, how far of a drive it is between locations, how many movers you’ll need, and how many staircases the mover(s) will have to use in each location. 

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Our Movers

Our drivers (who double as movers) use their own vehicles to help you move. They are people from around Vancouver and surrounding areas with pickup trucks, cargo vans, small and large moving trucks, SUVs with trailers, and virtually everything in between. 

We also have helpers, who are skilled, strong movers who love to meet new people and do physical work. They might double as drivers if they have a moving-friendly vehicle, or they might be people with a small car that can show up to your location to lend some muscle to the move.

Jobs We’ve Done

Here are some examples of moving and large item delivery jobs we’ve done in and around Vancouver


We sent one of our Richmond drivers to meet a customer at The Brick in Richmond to load and deliver a new couch to the customer’s apartment in downtown Vancouver. For about the same price as the customer would have paid to rent a U-Haul we got the job done quickly and easily. 


We had a previous customer sell her old couch on Craigslist, but the buyer didn’t have a means of getting it home. Having been pleased with the way we handled her small move, she referred the person buying her couch to Moovler. We sent the same driver back that had helped with the original customer’s move, to deliver the couch. The new customer then referred us to another new customer.


One of our first customers was moving from a small apartment into another, just a few blocks away. We only needed to provide 1 driver, who did 2 trips of about 3 kilometres each way. Her boyfriend was able to help load and unload the items, which cut her costs for the move. 


One of our larger moves in the Vancouver area to date has been helping a couple move from their townhouse in Tsawwassen to another townhouse in Surrey. The customer had rented a moving truck and was able to help with the labour, so we sent 2 helpers, and got the job done carefully and rather quickly.


A couple was leaving the country for a year or two, and needed their belongings moved from their 1 bedroom + den apartment in downtown Vancouver to a storage facility a few kilometres away. We sent 2 trucks who got the job done in 2 trips each. The couple left very clear instructions with us, as well as the property manager, the storage facility staff, which ensured the move went quickly and flawlessly. 


We recently helped a customer move her belongings from a basement suite in Vancouver to the main floor of a house, also in Vancouver. We sent a driver with a cargo van that took 2 trips. The customer’s boyfriend and another friend were able to help, which kept her moving cost very low. Our driver came prepared with a screwdriver, which was fortunate, as the staircase handrail needed to be removed in order to get a rather large couch out of the suite.


Looking for a Fun, Casual Job?


If you’re strong, friendly, and can handle other people’s possessions with care and safety in mind, then you might be a great fit. Consider becoming a Moovler driver or helper in your spare time. Click here to learn more about what it takes to work with Moovler. We’re looking for people in Vancouver proper, and every surrounding municipality.

Let Us Help You Move to Vancouver

When you’re planning to buy a house to start a new life, there is one thing that everyone dreads and that is the moving process.  Moving is definitely a big part that you need to consider. 

It takes a lot of planning and preparation. You need to take into account the need for a great moving company who can help you pack your items and transport them safely to your new place. 

Looking for the best moving company can be difficult since there are so many to choose from.You’ll have different quotes and offers once you dial their hotline or email them.

The only problem that pops up with that is that you’ll have a different offer and you won’t know which is the best one for you. Worrying about this is not a good thing that’s why here at Moovler, we can help you decide.

By offering the most affordable and the most trusted service that you can get, we’ll make sure that you’ll definitely get your money’s worth if you get our services. We can also deliver to the different parts of the country, not just in Edmonton. 

Here at Moovler, we also cover the Vancouver area for our customers. This is also to make sure that our services will reach the different parts of the country. We can say that we’ve been proudly helping people here with their small move and furniture delivery needs since then and getting rave reviews while doing it. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the different types of services that we offer here at Moovler for the Vancouver area. We’ll also include the prices and locations that we cover to make sure that all of your questions will be answered. 

Our moving and delivery services

Moving items for customers is definitely our speciality, that’s why we offer them various services that they can get every time they call our hotline. We listed all of the services that we our customers in the Vancouver area, you can read them below or you can call our hotline to make it more 

Here are the moving services that you can get here at Moovler: 

  • Buy and sell pickups
  • Furniture delivery
  • Labour help for any size move
  • Small and apartment moving
  • Dorm and residence moves


Let’s be honest here, moving prices are definitely not cheap, especially if you’re getting a well-known company. This only because of the labour and the location where your items will be delivered. They will also ask for additional money for insurance for your items. 

You might even get a company that will try to rip you off and not give you a great service. You don’t have to worry about that anymore because we’re here to help you save a lot of money while moving houses. 

For the low price of $59, you can get our services and make your dreams of moving come true. Remember that this might not be the case when you move because prices might go up. This will depend on the size of your items and the location where you’re going.

This price of your moving can also be customizable depending on the needs of your move. You don’t have to worry about paying for different add-ons on your bill. Our services will help you relax your mind. To know more about the pricing and/or get a free quote from our staff, please feel free to call our hotline. 


The other factor of moving that you need to think about is the people who’ll handle all of your items. You might be worried that your precious vase or lamp will be broken in the process of moving. You don’t have to worry about that anymore because we’ll make sure it is safe. 

All of our personnel and staff had undergone rigorous training to make sure that you’ll get the best service possible. We’ll also cover your items with bubble wrap and put them in a comfortable box and make them safe.

Our vehicles are also equipped with a harness and soft padding. This is to make sure that all of your items will be safe while travelling. We are doing this to give you the service that you deserve. 

Jobs that we’ve done in Vancouver

Here at Moovler, we’re not just moving our customer’s items, we’re also moving their hearts with our great service. Once in a while, we’ll get a request to move something that other companies won’t accept. That’s why we’re helping them to show that our company is great. 

Here are some examples of moving and large item delivery jobs we’ve done in and around Vancouver

Couch pickup from the brick

Buying a couch from a direct seller can be difficult to do, especially if you don’t have any type of vehicle to pick it up. That’s where we come in to help you. A customer wanted to buy a couch from The Brick but didn’t have any car, that’s why he called our services and we’re there in an hour to help him transport his new couch. 

Craigslist couch delivery

Let’s be honest, Craigslist is full of weird and wacky stuff. One of our customers messaged us to deliver one of his couches to a person who bought the used couch. Everyone in the transaction was definitely happy with the kind of service that we gave them. They became one of our loyal customers and made sure to contact us every time they want something to be shipped out

Apartment to apartment move

This is one of the first customers that we serviced here in Vancouver. A couple just wants to move their items from their old apartment to a new one. The catch is that the location is only a few blocks away. No moving company will get their request. That’s why we helped them when they got our service. They didn’t even pay a lot of money for this service. 

Townhouse move

Moving from one place to another is one of our specialities here at Moovler. Moving a couple’s belongings to a larger townhouse is not as easy as you think but we still pulled it off. The customers had a blast moving because they said that they didn’t encounter that kind of great service before. The job only took us a whole day to finish. It includes the transfer of the items to unpacking them to the new home. 

Apartment to storage move

If you are planning to go away for a long time and want to store your belongings in a storage unit,  we can help you with that. This is like one of our customers’ cases where we helped them move their belongings from their apartment to a storage unit. The job was only a quick one because it didn’t require any type of unpacking. 

The customers were happy with the result that they got from our service. They even went to contact us when they were moving back to their new home to get their belongings. 

Basement suite to house move

Moving from your parent’s basement to your own new home is a dream come true for most people. We helped a customer get that kind of wish when he decided to move away to a new home. Our staff helped him pack all of his belongings and put them on our truck. We have 2 medium trucks to make sure that all of the items will be safely transported. 

The job was rather quick and it only took our staff 2 hours to get to the new home. Our customer was happy enough with our service, he even recommended us to his friends. 

Areas that we service in Vancouver

Moving companies are always dodgy about the question of what places do you service to distract customers from paying extra. Here at Moovler, we’re not like that because we have the full list of the areas that we cover. 

This might not look a lot compared to our Edmonton coverage but we’re working on it to make sure that you’ll get the right service that you need. You can call our hotline or send us an email to know if your place is covered. 

Here is the list of the municipalities that we 

  • Bowen Island
  • Burnaby
  • Coquitlam
  • Delta
  • Langley
  • Maple Ridge
  • New Westminster
  • North Vancouver
  • Pitt Meadows
  • Port Coquitlam
  • Port Moody
  • Richmond
  • Surrey
  • Vancouver
  • West Vancouver
  • White Rock

Thank you for reading this article, we hope that you enjoyed reading the services that we offer in Vancouver. We are looking forward to giving you the best moving experience that you can get. You can also call our hotline or browse to know more about the other cities that we cover.