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Work With Us

Come Be a Moovler Today

Are you looking for a wonderful job with a lot of benefits? You should give this job a chance–not only will you be productive but you get to help other people too. It gives the opportunity to help the customers move from one place to another without a hassle. 

Many people think that this is not a decent job because you just drive a truck or a van and move things around. This is not the case–this jobs can help families in need of transportation.

Here are the qualities that we are looking for in a driver here at Moovler: 

  • Must be a skilled driver and knowledgeable enough to work around Edmonton and Vancouver areas
  • Have the self-discipline to remain professional when working with other people.
  • A patient driver who can work with anyone. 
  • Alertness on the road to keep everyone safe.
  • Mechanical skill to troubleshoot any type of problems that they might encounter.
  • Responsible for everything to keep all the customer’s trust. 


Working for us can be enjoyable because you get to meet friends and other people. You can also get different benefits that you can enjoy. This is to make sure that all of our drivers and staff are well taken care of. 

Here the benefits that they can receive upon employment: 

  • Bereavement leave 
  • Emergency leave
  • Group term life and long-term care insurance plans
  • Health and dependent care flexible spending accounts
  • Legal assistance plans
  • Maternity leave 
  • Medical, prescription, vision and dental plans
  • Medical second opinion programmes 
  • Paternity leave 
  • Relocation assistance
  • Retirement benefit plans
  • Sick leaves
  • Vacation leaves


Here is the process on how to apply to become a staff and/or driver here at Moovler. 

  1. You can submit your application form at our email address on our Contact Us page. Be sure to include the following details on your application form: 
  • Name: 
  • Contact number: 
  • Email address: 
  • Educational background: 
  1. Wait for the call of our staff after we process your application.
  2. You will receive a call or email from our staff after processing your application. This will tell you what time and date is your interview and exam. 
  3. All applicants will go through a series of exams and interviews to determine if you are qualified for the position. 
  4. Wait for our staff to call you back after 2 to 3 weeks. 

Thanks for reading this article about how to become a Moovler. We look forward to seeing you be a part of our team. We can give all the customers the best moving experience that they can have. 

Our hotlines are open to any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to message us using our email address and/or phone number. We’ll make sure to answer your questions as fast as possible. You can also visit our website for more information about our service.