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Use your truck or van to make extra money.
Let small moving jobs come to you.

Who can become a driver or helper with Moovler?

As long you fit the following criteria, you’ll be good to go:



$37 per hour on average

Use your truck, SUV or van, and muscle, to make great money in your spare time.

Apply as a Driver


$22 per hour on average

No truck? No problem! Some customers just need an extra set of hands to help move.

Apply as a Helper

Why work with Moovler?

Flexibility: Set your own hours and availability. Great for shift workers and students. Oh, did we mention, no boss?


Great money: Make more than working for a traditional moving company, and much more than you would make working for a food delivery or ride-sharing service. Get paid weekly.


Small moving jobs: Since Moovler’s focus is small moves, the average job takes around an hour.


Q: My truck’s pretty old, should I use it?
To ensure quality service delivery for customers, you need a truck, SUV or van that's in good working condition, regardless of what year it is.
Q: I have an SUV, can I use that?
Of course! Vans and SUVs are great for small moves. Just be sure that you pick jobs wherein the items that need to be moved won't exceed the storage capacity of your vehicle.
Q: What if I don’t have a truck?
If you don't have a truck, van or SUV don't worry, you can still apply as a helper! You just need a reliable mode of transportation to quickly get you to jobs.
Q: How strong do I need to be?
You should be able to lift 100 pounds from ground to waist. In other words, you should be able to help someone move a heavy wooden table or a sofa. You should also be able to walk up and down a few flights of stairs without needing an oxygen tank.
Q: After gas, maintenance and insurance, will I even make any money??
Of course! We've worked very, very hard to ensure that even after covering your vehicle expenses, you'll still make great money.
Q: The answer to my question isn't here, what should I do?
Our email suport is fantastic! Let us know your questions or thoughts by reaching out to us: contractors@moovler.ca